Clyde to Cape Wrath – day 6

After a good night’s rest, day six produced some Dreich weather, defined as: …”Wet, dull, gloomy, dismal, dreary or any combination of these. Scottish weather at its most miserable”….This prevailed until Contin and after lunch at the filling station, the afternoon brightened up a lot. The trail from Struy to Orrin Reservoir  gains around 200 metres and was muddy and full of water on this occasion. Even the bare shelter at Orrin barrage was unwelcoming in these conditions. Certainly no place to spend the the night, within thankless concrete walls. Fortunately the way ahead was downhill on a good hydro road passing various small hamlets south of the River Conon, before crossing it and gaining the A835 at it’s junction with the A 832. Don’t try crossing at  Loch Achonachie, power station. Unless the situation changes, there is no access at this barrage. Onwards to the filling station  in Contin. A coffee machine and various forms of food.

The weather had cleared completely. Good cycle trails east of the river and the A835 lead north from Contin, passing Rogie Falls and Loch Garve and Strathgarve Lodge. At the end a minor road is followed to GR 398635 where it meets the A835. Head N.W. on this for 100m and enter the forest trail on your left. Follow the trail through Longart Forest until the river bridge at Gr 405688. My overnight was at the Inchbae Lodge Inn One km along the road, N.W. facing. The friendly and helpful host allowed me to camp on the riverbank at the foot of the hotel. The food menu was good, along with the company and a few well earned beers. A great place to stop for the night. The beginning of the route tomorrow is very close by.