Ben Nevis weather

The next week’s weather


This link shows an ongoing struggle between warm and cold air over UK for the next ten days, with the cold possibly edging it. When the high pressure can dominate and bring easterly quarter breezes, the ice climbing should be okay. Fingers crossed! Monsoon weather over the next few days though.

Code Red Storm Approaching

A bigger storm is forecast

Net Weather

Nevis Range weather forecast


Check out Netweather to see the next major storm that will sweep down over Europe, bring extremely poor and dangerous conditions to the mountains. Break out the Monopoly and poor a good sized tumbler of your favourite ‘tipple’.

Still cold and dry

Good weather continues to dominate The west coast of Scotland continues to experience really good clear, cold and dry conditions and if the above forecast rings true these conditions should continue for a while yet. Also of interest is this newspaper report. Fingers crossed!

Storms arriving

Bad weather is on the way, followed by some really cold systems. Thanks to Dave Barker who took these photos over the weekend.

Perfect weather

Hi Alan,

Just back. Beautiful day on Ben Nevis, but no one climbing except a few teams on Tower Ridge as far as we could see (which was to Skye from the plateau!). Here’s a few pics which you’re welcome to for your blog. Quite a few traditional routes possible, plus perfect mixed conditions. Lots of clear definition between scoured neve and windslab throughout the corries, so safe travel fairly obvious today.┬áNeve is bullet! We did Green and Comb, the obvious classic choices.

Cheers, Tim

Thanks Tim. Tim is runing the British Mountain Guides winter training course from Calluna this week.

Ben Nevis Webcams

Check out the location of two new Ben Nevis webcams to see how the weather is shaping up. Don’t look too closely this morning:)

Cold weather approaching thank goodness

If this link and all the other indicators turn true, we are in for more cold weather. On Ben Nevis the routes which have been struck down by the prolonged mild spell should start to reform. Some unsettled but more wintry weather is forecast after the weekend and that can only be good to help the winter stagger into March.