Norway Ice

Cold Russian Air

As the next week progresses it appears that a very cold easterly could establish itself for a while into next week. In the meantime most of the snowpack will soften and harden under some small freeze/thaw cycles. Just what is needed in fact. Check out Weather Charts to see what I mean. Anything blue or green is colder air.

Hi Alan

Good ice over east was working there on Sunday almost continental with good ice all over Lurchers, sun soaked dry rock and no wind. Have attached a pic in case you dont believe me !!

Cheers Danny Dan Goodwin


A final shot from Rjukan a couple of days ago (Saboteurfossen, WI5***). Lots of new snow during the week and a bit of a thaw should be setting things up for some cracking conditions when it gets colder again. Returned to some typical Cairngorm weather on Fluted Buttress Direct!



Good Ice in Norway

Another good day on Fabrikfossen, opposite the main centre of Rjukan. The route was grade WI3, which back home in Scotland would have been grade IV. A number of lines were possible, with a multiple abseil descent from in-situ gear on trees. Take a head torch AND start fairly early. We started climbing at around 0930 and still got down in the dark. We have been out for a long weekend. This appears to be a good way to get in some quality climbing at a reasonable price. Ryanair to Oslo (Torp) and rent a car. The drive is around three to four hours each way to the airport. A mixture of accommodation is possible.

Hi Alan,

A bit late but if you want a report: Monday 29 Jan we went up Observatory Gully and climbed Tower Scoop (lots of ice but very wet and running with water) and Good Friday climb (good condition). Plenty of Ice on Indicator Wall and Smiths route. 2 of our staff also did No. 3 Gully Buttress having walked past Green Gully not liking the amount of stuff falling off it in the thaw conditions. We saw a pair of Spaniards who had walked to the bottom of Point 5 but decided again that it was too mild (although looking complete).

Rjukan looked grand – Fabrikfossen gives a lovely day out doesn’t it?




Happy Chappy

Tracy's Eyes

A ten out of ten day according to the lads. This is my first visit to Rjukan in the winter and today was very successful. We climbed Lettvan (WI 2) and Tracy’s Eyes (WI3). Two good starter routes, which would have been grade 3/4 in Scotland. There appears to be enough ice around for a good weeks climbing at least if you have not been here in the past. Some climbers further up the Upper Gorge were on Juvsoyla (WI 6). This was looking pretty thin according to someone who knows better than I do.


Just spending some time in Norway this weekend, so the Scottish stuff will take a back seat for a short while. If anyone has any Scottish reports for this weekend, please post them and I’ll set them up. Hope to have some ice fall climbing information tomorrow. The weather here is cold and plenty of snow, but as we arrived in the dark I’m not sure how the ice is yet. Along the road it appeared to be forming up well.