Lost kit

Lost bag on Ledge Route

I received the following email, if you’re in the area please keep an eye out and if anyone comes across the bag get in touch with Victoria at Calluna on 01397 700451:

“Our son was climbing the Ledge route a few days ago with a couple of his army friends and somehow, managed to lose his bag over the edge of the ridge. It bounced off a rock and tumbled down the rocks out of sight of them. I believe they were about 50m from the start of the ridge. It fell to the right of the climb. He and his friends searched for a couple of hours and had to return to Fort William without it. It has his car keys, wallet, clothing etc in it. It is an army style green camouflage rucksack. I wonder if anyone climbing the route in the next few weeks spotted it, would they contact us. If it is possible to retrieve it or temporarily store it at the CIC hut until one of us could pick it up, that would be great news.”

Found kit

Radio found

Radio found

Found recently in Scotland. If you know where you lost it and the persons name on the front I can return. One bottle of red wine and postage please!

Lost Petzl Ecrin climbing helmet

If anyone finds a white Petzl Ecrin climbing helmet on Ben Nevis, possibly around the ordinary ‘mountain track’, the owner would like it returned thanks. Contact myself please.

Anyone found an axe?

Hi Alan

I was told that maybe you could help with the above.

Unfortunately I lost an ice axe on the descent from Ben Nevis in the blizzard and darkness on Saturday night. I would be a most grateful fool on its return.

Cheers and all the best – keep up the good work.

Stuart Lancaster



Found Kit


Found yesterday (12th March ) on the path down from point 1141 on Fiacall of Coire Cas  a new quick release axe sling.

Please contact me with the make and I will return to rightful owner

Geoff Ashton     E mail: geoff@aquavite.co.uk



Ski Poles lost on Aonach Mor

A pair of Black Diamond trekking poles were taken from outside the top shelter today on Aonach Mor. If anyone knows of their whereabouts please get in touch (01397 700451). On Ben Nevis, Central Gully R-Hand received an ascent today. Also Right Twin on Aonach Mor. Other teams were on Curved Ridge and one rope went to Etive Slabs. Still damp.

Dropped Ice Screw

Hi Alan,

Did Indicator Right-Hand on Sunday in good steep condition, poor belays at the mo but good first time placement ice where it is needed.

Also dropped a screw that looped down towards Gardyloo, two guys climbing up stopped and took a small detour to collect it then carried on toward another route.

Reward offered for it’s return if you could post this message, would have been at about 10.30-11 I think.



Gear found on Tower Ridge

A couple of days back I reported a ‘Minor Epic on Tower Ridge’ Some of the gear has been retrieved from the abseil retreat. If the Irish group who left the kit wish to contact Ben on 0113 2936 826 and identify what they lost he will return it. Thanks Ben.

Today the weather has been very wet with snow down to the CIC Hut area and avalanches observed on Number Three Gully.

More lost kit!


I was just wondering if you or anyone you know, might of happened to find a red north face mountain guide jacket when you were up at the north face today ? It was dropped below Smiths Route along with a screw gate and dmm wire both not to be found . Any help would be much appreciated and a bottle of something for any one who returns it !

Thanks a lot ,

Alaister Smith. Mob: 07525 169 386


I was speaking to a friend who suggested i should contact you regarding my lost axe. It is a DMM Rebel. Lost in Raeburn’s Gully on the Ben. Is it possible to put a post on your blog to this effect. I would be very grateful for any assistance you could give me.

Many thanks

Mandi Shipton

For those of us (the majority) who were not throwing kit away on Ben Nevis today, it was a good day out! I was out training with members of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors The plan was to find some locations which were suitable for training, whilst not necessarily climbing to the top of the mountain. The east flank of Tower Ridge just south of the Douglas Gap is good in this respect, as is the west flank. Some short mixed pitches lead to the ridge crest, followed by a short section of alpine style ‘moving together’ towards Douglas Gap. A short abseil into the gap and descent of the simple (grade I) East Gully eventually lead back to the foot of the Douglas Boulder. This area offers a feeling of exposure and commitment, whilst being fairly easy to descend from with care. The grade of the ground is never more than III. Today the snow and ice was in pretty good shape, although most of the day the cloud was down to around 900 metres.

The RAF were out training and had to pick up one unfortunate injured climber. Let’s all wish him well and thanks to the RAF Sea King and its crew. Where would we all be without them?

Lost Axe

Today  Adam Hughes akhughes2003@yahoo.co.uk left an Edelrid axe near the CIC Hut. Any kind person who finds it, please contact Adam directly on the email address shown. Thompson’s Route, Comb Gully and Green Gully were all climbed today and found to be damp but good. Yesterday I climbed Tower Ridge in good condition and saw plenty of ice on Smith’s Route (Gardyloo Buttress), Tower Scoop, Indicator Wall and Good Friday Climb. A good freeze will bring these climbs  all back into good condition I think. Pictures of yesterday to follow.