Superb weather continues

From my Japanese correspondent: Heavy snowfall has made dangerous cornice upon roof at the foot of Mt IWAKI-SAN in AOMORI-Prefecture JAPAN. Local people are struggling and surviving in the heavy snowfall area.

Yasuyoshi Sakai

Closer to home:  Introductory mountaineering course at the weekend and with all the sun and blue skies we went looking for some quieter hills rather than the usual busy weekend haunts.

Central Gully on Bidean, the birthplace of Winter climbing in Glen Coe, courtesy of Norman Collie was untracked and the deep cleft running up the side of Church Door Buttress was very atmospheric. Its always good to finish a route on a summit too. Sunday took us to the East Ridge of Beinn a Chaorainn, again quiet and in a beautiful setting, a great route for learning the ropes of winter mountaineering.

Bruce Poll

Paddling in Japan

One of my winter climbing guests is also a keen kayak paddler, both at home in Japan and here in Scotland. On this page of the blog I’ll upload photos and comments from ‘Yoshi’ as they arrive. Thanks to Yasuyoshi Sakai.

Rainy season will have gone and summer will have come in the next few days, although I am not sure El Nino in Pacific Ocean and Okhotsk High Pressure, which have caused low temperature in cloudy SHIMOKITA Peninsula along the east coast of Pacific Ocean in contrast with sunny TSUGARU along the west coast of JAPAN Sea in these few days, will be dominant in this summer. Dated 22nd July 2012.

More dry weather

Thanks to Spike Sellers for the sunset shot from a bivvy on the Skye Black Cuillin, congratulations on a significant birthday, friend. Also Hannah Evans took the shots on the Five Sisters of Kintail. Both working for West Coast Mountain Guides over the Jubilee weekend. Very busy recently I’m pleased to say and still plenty of good instructors around to do the work.

Dear Alan,

Good afternoon! How are you? Once upon a time GANGARA Caves harboured shelters of pirates. No anglers visit the area harbouring sanctuary of a family of osprey and some other species of seabirds in this quiet Sunday afternoon.

Yasuyoshi Sakai

Thanks Yoshi. Winter has finally finished here, although yesterday icicles high on Ben Nevis were forming. These caves and surrounding cliffs look like good for climbing?

Gangara Caves

Japanese Mountains

Three photos kindly sent from Japan by Yasuyoshi Sakai a guest of West Coast Mountain Guides over recent years.

I visited RISHIRI island starting from WAKKANAI in HOKKAIDO to see my patients at the clinic and hospital in this island.

Clearly the weather is not dissimilar to Scotland.

Thanks Yoshi.