Clyde to Cape Wrath – day 1


Day one of the Clyde to Cape Wrath trail, off-road bike route  which I followed during the first week of May this year. The inspiration came from my good pal, Dave Wilson. The An Turas Mor website is his idea alone, without which I would have struggled to finish. The route is iconic and should become the best off-road bicycle route in the UK. Using the restful four hour train journey from Fort William to Glasgow (Dalmuir station), allowed a gentle start to this adventure, towards the north-west highlands. Other start points in Glasgow are available. Personally, I found the Kelvin Walkway to offer the least enjoyable section of the whole journey. It was impossible (for me) to gain any sort of rythym of travel. Fences and muddy ruts, next to a deep river did not play well for me on the first day. The journey improved as time passed by. Dave had joined me on this first day and we found a good driniking ‘hole’ in Aberfoyle to enjoy supper and a few pints, watching footie. A wild camp in Aberfoyle, down by the river was restful.