Lost bag on Ledge Route

I received the following email, if you’re in the area please keep an eye out and if anyone comes across the bag get in touch with Victoria at Calluna on 01397 700451:

“Our son was climbing the Ledge route a few days ago with a couple of his army friends and somehow, managed to lose his bag over the edge of the ridge. It bounced off a rock and tumbled down the rocks out of sight of them. I believe they were about 50m from the start of the ridge. It fell to the right of the climb. He and his friends searched for a couple of hours and had to return to Fort William without it. It has his car keys, wallet, clothing etc in it. It is an army style green camouflage rucksack. I wonder if anyone climbing the route in the next few weeks spotted it, would they contact us. If it is possible to retrieve it or temporarily store it at the CIC hut until one of us could pick it up, that would be great news.”