A very fine weekend

We have had a very fine weekend as can be see by the photo taken today. The climbing conditions are good and bad and it depends on where you go. One team returning to the accommodation said the East Face of Aonach Mor was very poor, with nothing consolidated on Morwind. Another on the West Face and Golden Oldy had a great time by starting late and following the foot steps of the ‘snow plough’ team ahead of them. I dare say that Tower Ridge and such like will be good if you scan the various blogs. One team backed off of going to Orion Face due to suspect snow conditions on the approach slopes. The avalanche risk is all over the place in pockets, so be very careful to stick to the hard neve if possible. The ski touring will be very good and the upcoming week looks promisingly cold for a change. We have plenty of space at Calluna if you fancy heading north.