Sunny and getting Colder

Good weather for ducks
A very fine day today with cooler weather on the way. No groups out just now, but will report back ASAP. At least the Mallard Ducks on Loch Morlich look happy, even if the cliffs in the distance are looking pretty sick just now!

Reports back from Ben Nevis and Aonach Mor reinforce the feeling that conditions are good. Two-Step Corner and Indicator Wall were climbed today and a number of good solid routes on Aonach Mor. The cooler conditions appear to be working there magic.

I have allowed one anonymous comment on to this site recently. It will be the last one, as I believe if you want to make a point you need to come out of the woods and identify yourself. The comment was connected with short-haul flights to Norway for ice climbing and how they are possibly having an effect on global warming.

I don’t dispute that this might be the case, but none of us really know if the problem is of our modern making or equally connected with the Industrial Revolution and our Victorian forebearers as well. Also, if we take it to its logical conclusion, none of you south of the ‘Highland Line’ will ever drive or fly to Glasgow and the Highlands of Scotland ever again. What we must all do is to invest in payments in various forms which will be used to develop carbon neutral practices. I hope that by all paying towards this technology, we can all enjoy long holidays in far away places.

No doubt this thread will open up a large can of worms!