Bitter Breezes from the East

Hi Alan
The attached picture was taken on Wednesday afternoon form the top of Binnein Mor, using an Olympus u1000.To be in the mountains of Scotland in such perfect conditions is no act of chance. Watch the weather forecast do not dither, and go for it. I set out at 4:00 from Preston And was on top of Sgorr Dhearg at 13:00pm. Thanks for the brew. TOM.

Thanks Tom. I’m having trouble uploading images just now. I’ll try in the morning. Today I was on Aonach Mor – Siamese Twin. It is really important to have very sharp tools just now, as the ice is very brittle in places and in others it is extremely solid and hard. The same applies to the turf.

The weather proved to be rather chilly, with a stiff easterly breeze blowing up the cliffs. The forecast appears to be okay for the next few days.