January 20th
Certainly, from a distance Ben Nevis appears to have plenty of ice. Careful scrutiny of this picture shows build up on Orion Face and Hadrian’s Direct. The initial pitches of Minus Two Gully look complete and when the cloud lifts there is plenty to look at. Even Vanishing Gully looks as though it is forming. A pair of good binoculars are a wise investment for climbers on the west coast.

The day started with rain showers low down, but it has been snowing on the tops and some ‘beefy’ wintry showers have moved through during the day. I’m not sure that it was such a good move for some of our guests to go over east today to get away from the rain. Anyone out there with on-the-spot reports might like to verify conditions elsewhere and on Ben Nevis & Aonach Mor.